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girl +‎ zine


girlzine (plural girlzines)

  1. A zine written predominantly by and for girls, specifically the riot grrrl subculture.
    • 2000, Benjamin DeMott, Killer woman blues
      Impatient horniness — the stereotypically male variety — shapes the credo of the on-line girlzine Minx.
    • 2001, Chérie Turner, Everything you need to know about the riot grrrl movement
      On another floor there was a fanzine workshop, as well as a putting-on-gigs workshop, an extensive girlzine stall and a rape crisis information point.
    • 2007, Rosalind Gill, Gender and the Media, page 2:
      On the one hand feminist ideas are increasingly taken for granted across a range of media and genres, vibrant girlzines spring up all over the world, and the Web is home to an enormous diversity of feminist ideas []