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From Middle English gleocræft, from Old English glēocræft, glīwcræft (music, art of music, minstrelsy), equivalent to glee +‎ -craft.


gleecraft (uncountable)

  1. Music; the art of music.
    • 1898, William Marshall, Aarbert:
      Other things earthen, as they fade and crumble, Sing deathsongs in the minor key of gleecraft.
    • 1910, Poet lore: Volume 21 - Page 251:
      This could be revived in the form gleecraft.
    • 1948, New Statesman: the week-end review:
      "It was the outshapen uptippening of a bad tide; but some folk are wont to forsend all deemstery of gleecraft as inwoning."
    • 1995, Staszek, Three-hand jax & other spells:
      Your heart sang with his gleecraft, words wondrously wrought, kennings keen with knowing.