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Latin globus (sphere) +‎ -phobia.


globophobia (uncountable)

  1. Fear or dislike of globalization.
    • 2003, Albrecht Schnabel & ‎Jan Aart Scholte, Civil Society and Global Finance, →ISBN, page 252:
      Although some have dismissed such fears as “globophobia”, globalization has come under greater critical public scrutiny.
    • 2005, Human Rights in a Developing Society, →ISBN, page 25:
      People are dangerously suffering from globophobia says a senior floor trader in New York.
    • 2005, Rowan Gill, Theology and Globalisation: A Commentary, →ISBN, page 35:
      'Globophobia may constitute a satisfying political response to the complex challenges of globalisation for some, but it does not constitute a credible policy response capable of shaping the actions of governments'.
    • 2007, Ino Rossi, Frontiers of Globalization Research, →ISBN:
      Discourses of globalization initially were polarized into pro or con “globophilia” that celebrates globalization contrasted to globophobia that attacks it.
    • 2008, George Ritzer, The Blackwell Companion to Globalization, →ISBN, page 16:
      Those who can be said to suffer from globophobia include those who adopt both far right and far left political positions.
  2. Extreme fear of balloons.
    • 2012, Deron R. Hicks, Secrets of Shakespeare's Grave: The Shakespeare Mysteries, →ISBN, page 85:
      “You see,” replied Mull, “Scornsbury is a very talented writer—very talented. However, he suffers from globophobia.” “Globophobia?” “Yes, globophobia—an extreme fear of balloons.”
    • 2012, Suzanne Selfors, Smells Like Pirates, →ISBN:
      "Don't tell me you have somekind of phobia about hot air balloons.” “Not exactly. I mean, I don't have globophobia, which is fear of balloons, and I don't have megaglobophobia, which is fear of really big balloons..."
    • 2013, Rodney Curtis, Getting Laid (Off), →ISBN:
      She confessed to having a strange fear of balloons. Big mistake. That was all I needed to hear. [] I didn't think the fear of balloons was a real affliction until I wandered across globophobia in my research. Some people just experience a vague uneasieness around them, others actually fear deflated ones.
    • 2015, Lily O'Hara, Jane Taylor, & Margaret Barnes, “We Are All Ballooning: Multimedia Critical Discourse Analysis of 'Measure Up' and 'Swap It, Don't Stop It' Social Marketing Campaigns”, in M/C Journal:
      Balloons themselves may not create fear or alarm, unless one is unfortunate to be afflicted with globophobia (Freed), but the visual metaphor of the balloon in the social marketing campaign had a range of alarmist meanings.
    • 2016, Alex Howard, Library Cat: The Observations of a Thinking Cat, →ISBN:
      He had been given a balloon by his Human with the number 9 on it and the words "Happy Birthday!!!" along the top, clearly with little concern for his globophobia. He eyed it with suspicion as it glided disconcertingly from one room to the next, neither on the floor nor the ceiling, a big red cushion of evil, its every detail, from its alarming turgidity to its thoughtless smattering of exclamation marks, rending him tense and uncomfortable.