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gnash +‎ -er


gnasher (plural gnashers)

  1. One who gnashes the teeth.
  2. (colloquial) A tooth.
    • 1993, Alethea Helbig; Agnes Perkins, Children's Literature Association, The Phoenix Award of the Children's Literature Association, 1985-1989, page 85:
      Teeth for the ladies; teeth for the gentlemen — at upwards of two pound ten a gnasher"
    • 1999 June 19, “Holy molar's, look at this gnasher!; MAMMOTH TOOTH DISCOVERED”, in Coventry Evening Telegraph:
      COUNTRY park ranger Bob Thurston could hardly believe his luck when he casually asked bosses at the gravel quarry next door whether any interesting old
    • 2005 November 2, “Bidders to get bite at Napoleon's gnasher”, in Europe Intelligence Wire: