go-faster stripe

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go-faster stripe (plural go-faster stripes)

  1. (Britain, humorous) A decorative horizontal stripe on the bodywork of a vehicle, imitating those found on racing cars.
    • 1996 April 13, “Novelist Raffaella Barker remembers her father, the poet”, in The Independent:
      Dad was the owner of a gold Ford Cortina with a black go-faster stripe and a raunchy-sounding engine.
    • 1999, Mark Simpson, It's a Queer World
      Later, on the motorway, a car with go-faster stripes and spoilers overtakes us, horn blaring.
    • 2003, Clare Morris, Quantitative Approaches in Business Studies
      Rather, when Mrs Lee orders a red GT model with electric windows, a heated driving seat and go-faster stripes...
    • 2007, John Connolly, The Unquiet
      Even the dumbest criminal is likely to look in his rearview at some point, and think, I wonder is that the same '69 Mustang with go-faster stripes...

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