goat rodeo

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goat rodeo (plural goat rodeos)

  1. (Canada, US, slang) A chaotic, unmanageable situation.
    • 1996, Barbara Isabel Hummel, Managing the world: an analysis of expressive folklore among paramedics
      For example, a shooting incident had turned into a 20 police car "goat rodeo." The entire area was blocked by the multitude of police cars...
    • 2004, David Clarke, Technology and terrorism
      Old FAA hands, who are trying to keep this goat rodeo moving in a straight line, are still hopeful that this will all shake out in time...
    • 2004, Todd A, Being Good
      I should have known after a Monday like that, that Tuesday would be a veritable goat rodeo.
    • 2017, Dylan Scott, Republicans wind up one last Hail Mary to repeal Obamacare
      “McConnell has zero interest in presiding over another goat rodeo,” a second health care lobbyist told me.