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From goat +‎ -y.



goaty (comparative goatier, superlative goatiest)

  1. Like a goat, goatlike or redolent of goats.
    • 1925, D. H. Lawrence, St Mawr, [1]
      "Your face is curiously like Pan's," said Lou to him at dinner. ¶ It was true, in a commonplace sense. He had the tilted eyebrows, the twinkling goaty look, and the pointed ears of a goat-Pan.
    • 2011, Sue Riedl, "Seriously, you need to try this goat cheese," The Globe and Mail, 29 November, 2011, [2]
      It’s high in butterfat and protein , and low in bacteria (which is what can give goat cheeses a goaty, barnyard taste).

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