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gold-finder (plural gold-finders)

  1. A prospector for gold.
  2. (slang, humorous) A person who cleans the latrines.
    • 1633, A Banqvet of Jests: or, Change of Cheare. Being a collection, of Moderne Ieſts. Witty Ieeres. Pleaſant Taunts. Merry Tales. The Second Part newly publiſhed, page 29:
      Divers Gentlemen walking the ſtreets ſomewhat late where the Goldfinders were at worke, fie fellowes ſay they, what a beaſtly ſtinke doe yee make? To whom one of the moſt ancient amongſt them replyed; If gentlemen, you or ſuch as you would keepe your tailes ſtopped, you ſhould not now need to ſtop your noſes.
    • But though in this particular, and perhaps in their success, the truth-finder and the gold-finder may very properly be compared together;