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googol +‎ -illion, which would imply a very large power of ten.


googillion (plural googillions)

  1. (informal, hyperbolic) An indefinitely large number.
    • 1996 February 18, John Carl Pryor, “Re: A New Theory of Free Will -- continuation of an Open Letter to Professor Penrose”, alt.philosophy.objectivism,, sci.physics,,, sci.philosophy.meta, alt.memetics, and alt.extropians, Usenet
      what measurement outside of time and space do we use to measure time and space themselves? ... And what man can possibly project his mind beyond all space and time to make an objective measure and pronounce, "the universe is a googillion years old".
    • 1998 October 8, Noah Roberts, “Re: Can a HTML page run a program and pas[s] instruction to this program.”, in comp.lang.c (Usenet):
      So, if this is what your trying to do, do a web search on CGI and read on[e] of the googillion tutorials on the subject.
    • 2000 March 27, Marian Buchanan, “Re: how can I get path animation to work with Align Layer and Position Layer?”, in macromedia.dreamweaver (Usenet):
      Thanks a googillion
    • 2006 August 1, Lynn Irwin, from, “Re: Flash 8 Video Encoder problems”, macromedia.flash, Usenet
      That makes no sense whatsoever. How can my googillion attempts be failing?
    • 2007 January 7, Gary Collard, “Re: Odds to win Super Bowl XLI -- January 3, 2007 ...”,,, and rec.gambling.sports, Usenet
      One googillion to one.