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Alternative forms[edit]


c. 2007 googleable +‎ -ity


googleability (uncountable)

  1. (informal) The likelihood of finding something using Google or another similar Internet search engine.
    • 2007, Lindsey Pollak, Getting from college to career, page 39:
      The good news is that you can improve your Googleability (or ability to show up on any search engine) so that people who search for information about you on the Internet will find you.
    • 2009, Hubert K. Rampersad, Authentic Personal Branding, page 117:
      If you don't exist on Google, Yahoo and MSN, you don't exist. A strong "googleability" rating and online presence will enhance your Personal Brand.
    • 2010, G. Van Eijk, Unequal networks: spatial segregation, relationships and ...:
      Thanks to Joop van Eijk, my father, for offering advice and guidance, for keeping track of my googleability, for making my Dutch summary readable and for having taught me to always explore all opportunities.

Related terms[edit]