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Google +‎ -ish


googlish ‎(comparative more googlish, superlative most googlish)

  1. Resembling or in the manner of Google.
    This is the googlish way to do directory services.


googlish ‎(uncountable)

  1. The result of translating foreign-language text via any of various popular web-translation engines.
  2. A notional language, not quite identical to English, resembling the result of such translation.


2003: One of our Austrian readers who speaks and writes excellent English has translated the German, and placed it here, if the Googlish translation is doing your brain in. — in SCO's evidence unveiled?, The Inquirer, 15 June 2003

2001: Is Googlish the Next Big Meme? Naah. But here's the first blog to borrow the idea, along with some well-reasoned thoughts on machine translation. Cheers, mate. (Or, as we say in Googlish: "Aclamations, companion.") Blog entry on