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Etymology 1[edit]

graft +‎ -er


grafter (plural grafters)

  1. One who inserts scions on other stocks, or propagates fruit by engrafting.
  2. An instrument by which grafting is facilitated.
  3. The original tree from which a scion has been taken for grafting upon another tree.
  4. (slang) Someone who works in market stalls.
Related terms[edit]

Etymology 2[edit]

From graft +‎ -er.


grafter (plural grafters)

  1. A corrupt person, one who receives graft.
    • 1911, The Twentieth Century Magazine, Vol. 4, page 335.
      If the people are corrupt; if everybody is a grafter, as our pessimistic friends would have us believe, Roosevelt would be unpopular. His popularity is proog that the people, as a whole, are honest.
    • 1980, David Mark Chalmers, The Muchrake Years, Krieger Publishing Company, →ISBN, page 152.
      It is rather confused rhetoric to call a grafter a thief. His crime is not that he filches money from the safe but that he betrays a trust.
    • 2007, Rebecca Menes, "Limiting the Reach of the Grabbing Hand: Graft and growth in American Cities, 1880 to 1930", in Edward L. Glaeser, Claudia Goldin (eds.), Corruption and Reform: Lessons from America's Economic History, National Bureau of Economic Research Conference Report, The University of Chicago Press, →ISBN, page 64.
      Rapid city growth rewarded the circumspect grafter with opportunities for what one famous Tammany Hall politician termed “honest graft” [] .
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