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grand- +‎ cousin


grandcousin (plural grandcousins)

  1. The grandchild of a first cousin, or the first cousin of a grandparent; first cousin twice removed.
    • 1993, Marjorie Ford, ‎Jon Ford, ‎& Ann Watters, Coming from Home: Readings for Writers, →ISBN, page 9:
      Just recently I learned that the star of the Johns Hopkins lacrosse team is the great-grandson of my first cousin Myrtle, which I suppose makes him my great-grandcousin.
    • 1941, Jens Christian Bay, The Fortune of Books:
      This grandcousin of Christian Fenger's indeed was a brilliant man and went into great estate, but the rest of the Fenger family is curiously reticent about him.
    • 2010, D. Alexander Holiday, In the Care of Strangers: The Autobiography of A Foster Child, →ISBN:
      Also, Aunt Maggie had a daughter, Janyce, who was warm like her mother, had a great relationship with her aunt Ava and Uncle Edwin, and even came out to the house quite often to visit with everyone, especially her grandcousin Sonya.
    • 2014, Joy Nwosu Lo-Bamijoko, Legend of the Walking Dead: Igbo Mythologies, →ISBN:
      I would like to thank my brother Onuora Nwosu, my grandcousin, Mr. Tony Ikebudu, and my brother-in-law, Mr. Emma Nnedum, for making that connection for me.