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A sample of granodiorite
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From granite +‎ diorite.


granodiorite (plural granodiorites)

  1. (petrology) An intrusive igneous rock similar to granite, but containing more plagioclase than potassium feldspar.
    • 1996, Bart N. Ekwueme, Alfred Kröner, Emplacement Age of the Uwet Granodiorite and Implications for the Technothermal Evolution of the Oban Massif Southeastern Nigeria, R. Chandra, R.K. Srivastava (editors), Magmatism in Relation to Diverse Tectonic Settings, page 346,
      The dominant intruding rocks into the metamorphosed rocks of the Oban massif are granodiorites (Fig. 1).
    • 2009, George Rapp, Archaeomineralogy[1], page 51:
      Of the high-silica, coarse-grained, quartz-rich igneous rocks, granodiorites are quantitatively the most important.
    • 2011, Dougal Jerram, Nick Petford, The Field Description of Igneous Rocks, unnumbered page,
      Most of the rocks in the calc-alkaline association are granitoids, that is they are granites, granodiorites and tonalites all containing >20% quartz, with feldspar, mica and amphibole in various combinations (Chapter 3, Figures 3.10 and 3.11).

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