granola bar

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Compound of granola +‎ bar. Attested since the late twentieth century.


granola bar (plural granola bars)

  1. A confection consisting of granola and sweeteners pressed and baked into a bar shape.
    • 1978 July 29, “Nutritionists say granola bars too high in sugar to be snacks”, in The Globe and Mail, ISSN 0319-0714, page 12:
      John Herrick, chairman of the board of General Mills Canada Ltd. which makes Nature Valley Granola Bars, said you need a little sugar for energy. If you took the sugar out of everything, life would be very dull.
    • 1985 July 1, Martin Friedman, “New Product Watch”, in Adweek[1], page 22:
      If your mental image of a granola bar is a dry, crunchy, relatively tasteless blend of rolled oats and a few raisins, you haven't stopped by the ever-expanding snack bar section lately.
    • 2004, Naomi Neufeld, KidShape: A Practical Prescription for Raising Healthy, Fit Children[2], page 94:
      Let's compare a candy bar and a granola bar. A chocolate bar with almonds (1 1/2-ounce size) has 18 grams of sugar, and a granola bar has 6 grams of sugar.
    • 2010 December 12, Carly Weeks, “Granola bars: A healthy snack or dressed-up junk food?”, in The Globe and Mail[3]:
      Granola bars, breakfast bars and cereal bars, which are referred to collectively as "snack bars," are part of a food category that's grown 5 per cent a year since 2005 and is worth an estimated $720-million in Canada