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  1. present participle of graze

Derived terms[edit]


grazing (countable and uncountable, plural grazings)

  1. Grazeland.
    • 1901 June 7, “District Reports”, in The Agricultural Journal and Mining Record[1], volume 4, number 7, page 196:
      The grazing is all parched and withered up, and it is wonderful how cattle get through the winter here as they do.
    • 2001, Sally Jeanrenaud, Communities and Forest Management in Western Europe:
      There are about one thousand common grazings across the Highlands and Islands. Typically 15-20 crofters share in an area of common grazings, on average 400-500 hectares, which is usually hill-land, unsuitable for cultivation.
  2. (uncountable) The action of animals eating, mainly of grass in a field or on other grassland.