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From green +‎ line; compare redline, greenlight.


greenline (third-person singular simple present greenlines, present participle greenlining, simple past and past participle greenlined)

  1. (transitive) To ease access to services to residents in specific areas, particularly by designating such areas as suitable for real-estate lending and property insurance.
    Antonym: redline
    • 1964, The Bankers Magazine, volume 162, page 47:
      Bankers, who must fight to stay even with inflation and face an uneven credit supply (even many "greenlined"' areas didn't get loans during the recession of 1974-1975)
    • 2011, Manuel B. Aalbers, Place, Exclusion and Mortgage Markets:
      But ABN-AMRO redlined some small areas in largely yellowlined zip code areas, and greenlined some small areas in largely redlined areas.
    • 2013, Loretta Lees, ‎Tom Slater, ‎Elvin Wyly, Gentrification, page 32:
      If the new residents, especially the most recent arrivals, are less tolerant of lower or working-class behavior, these tensions may become serious. Banks begin to greenline the area, looking for spatial patterns of reinvestment