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From grub +‎ -ling.


grubling (plural grublings)

  1. A small, young, or miniature grub.
    • 1880, Jenny and the insects; or, Little toilers and their industries - Page 117:
      When she has finished her hole, the inside of which she smooths with great care, in order that it may be comfortable for her little grublings, she lays an egg at the bottom, and then goes to work to provide a supply of food for the future wasp.
    • 1892, The Humming Bird - Volumes 2-5 - Page 53:
      As they are fed up in this way several times a day the ugly grublings soon begin to grow in breadth and stature, until they suddenly burst forth into full-blown wasps, and immediately begin to relieve their mother of her multitudinous duties.
    • 1969, Ronald Paulson, Thomas F. Lockwood, Henry Fielding: The Critical Heritage - Page 40:
      When Grubs, and Grublings, censure Fielding's Scenes, He cannot answer that which Nothing means: Scorn'd by the wise, and in their Filth secure, How should he damn the damn'd, or soil th' impure?
    • 2002, Stephen Elboz, Temmi and the Frost Dragon:
      Hurrying, sometimes leaping from boulder to boulder but never once glancing back or stopping to rest its heavy satchel, the grubling led them further down the gorge.
    • 2010, Michael McCloskey, Slave of Chu Kutall:
      Her metal breast accoutrements thrust forward over a childless belly. In Nergal's society, the females did not go out with the warriors, but stayed in the caves with their grublings.