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Alternative forms[edit]



gubmint (countable and uncountable, plural gubmints)

  1. (nonstandard) Pronunciation spelling of government, representing dialectal English.
    • 1942, Ernestine Hill, Australian Frontier, page 98:
      "Good luck corroboree, make him big fat one, all same Gubmint fella," old Rosie, his "aunt by skin" told me earnestly.
    • 2005, Jeff Hull, Pale Morning Done: A Novel, page 144:
      [H]e understood that his musings about onomatopoeia and sympathetic response gave the gubmint boys far too much credit.
    • 2007, Monica Davis, Land, Legacy and Lynching: Building the Future in Black America, page 155:
      Seems like half the gubmint bureaucrats and snake oil politicians want to help us.

Usage notes[edit]

  • Used to represent a dialectal pronunciation of government, as in fictional dialog.
  • Used to imply a negative attitude toward government founded in ignorance, as in political discourse.