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gym +‎ slip


gymslip (plural gymslips)

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  1. A sleeveless tunic with a pleated skirt, most commonly seen as part of a girl's school uniform.
    • 1968, Alan Sharp, The wind shifts, page 203:
      I've seen this child in her gymslip and school blouse []
    • 2010, Jonathan Raban, Foreign Land: A Novel[1]:
      She'd swapped the print dress for a plain white blouse and brown gymslip.
    • 2013, Jane Howells, Leehurst Swan School: A Centenary History[2], page 16:
      Boarders wore navy pleated skirts with white blouses; day girls had brown gymslips, cream blouses and beige jumpers. Lisle stockings could be a nuisance, as were hats and gloves.