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gyno- +‎ -cratic


gynocratic (comparative more gynocratic, superlative most gynocratic)

  1. Pertaining to government by women.
    • 1838, Sanderson, John, The American in Paris, volume 2, London: Henry Colburn, page 280:
      How it should exist where there are ladies, I do not conceive, and, least of all, do I conceive how it should exist in Philadelphia, the most gynocratic of all cities.
    • 1971, Davis, Elizabeth Gould, The First Sex, New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons, ch. 3:
      More and more, archaeology is proving that there was indeed a golden age—a gynocratic age that endured for untold millennia, up past the dawn of written history.
    • 1986, Allen, Paula Gunn, The Sacred Hoop: Recovering the Feminine in Ancient Indian Traditions[1], Boston: Beacon Press, →ISBN, OL 2552612M, page 2:
      Traditional tribal lifestyles are more often gynocratic than not, and they are never patriarchal.