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Blend of gypsum +‎ rock


gyprock (countable and uncountable, plural gyprocks)

  1. Rock rich in gypsum; gypsic soil.
    • 1979, Richard Vincent Dietrich, Brian J. Skinner, Rocks and rock minerals, page 215
      Some high quality white or variously tinted fine-grained gyprocks, usually referred to as alabaster, were used as interior facing stones and for small statues and carved decorative objects found in Egyptian pyramids
    • 2006, R. Lal, Encyclopedia of soil science 1[1], page 796:
      The world distribution of gyprock outcrops and the solubility of gypsum restrict the extensive occurrence of gypsic soils to the dry regions
  2. Drywall.
    • 2012, Richard Harris, Building a Market: The Rise of the Home Improvement Industry[2], page 55:
      Cinder blocks were more durable, however, and soon gypsum was redirected for “gyprock” drywall, a wallboard...



gyprock (third-person singular simple present gyprocks, present participle gyprocking, simple past and past participle gyprocked)

  1. (construction, transitive) To drywall.