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hæritage (usually uncountable, plural hæritages)

  1. Archaic spelling of heritage.
    • 1596, James Dalrymple, Bishop John Leslie’s The Historie of Scotland, volume 1, page 17; first printed by the Scottish Text Society in 1888–1895; another reprint:
      Mairouer that in the same hæritage, Ilke hes rychteouslie from age to age succeidet till vther, that worthilie thay may be called perpetual heires.
    • ∼1600–1775, Records of the Governor and Company of the Massachusetts Bay in New England, printed by order of the legislature, volume 4, part 2, page 490 (AMS Press: 1968):
      […] of the major part of the house therevpon, concluding, determining, & declaring that declension from the primitive foundation worke, innovation in doctrine & worship, opinion & practise, & invasion of the rights, libertjes, & priuiledges of churches ; an vsurpation of a lordly & prælatticall power ouer Gods hæritage, a subvertion of gospell order & all this wth a dangerous tendencie to the vtter devastation of these churches, turning the pleasant gardens of Christ into a wildernesse, & the inevitable & total extirpation of the principles & pillars of the congregationall way ; that these are the leven, the corrupting gangreens, the infecting spreading plague, the provoaking images of jealousy set vp before the Lord, the accursed thing wch hath provoked divine […]