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Alternative forms[edit]


From haemo- +‎ -coel



haemocoel (plural haemocoels)

  1. (biology) The cavity, between the organs of arthropods and molluscs, through which the blood etc. circulates.
    • 1901, “Bibliographical Notices”, in The Annals and Magazine of Natural History, volume VII, page 133:
      The remarkable displacement of the cœlom by an irregularly distended system of blood-spaces, “a hæmocœl” (which, Prof. Lankester has elsewhere shown, takes place in the Arthropoda and Mollusca), is lucidly described in this Introduction.
    • 1921, J. Bronté Gatenby, “Description of a peculiar unidentified Dipterous Larva possessing a number of enigmatic truncate Abdominal Organs”, in The Transactions of the Entomological Society of London, page 525:
      There seems little doubt that these organs, connected as they are with the haemocoel, and everted by haemocoelic fluid pressure, serve as additional respiratory organs, when the larva is in water too deep to enable it to use its tracheal funnel.
    • 1997 November 1, David Pfennig, “Kinship and Cannibalism”, in BioScience, volume 47, number 10, JSTOR 1313207, page 670:
      The brood of this wasp are composed of two types of larvae: typical parasitic larvae, which develop into adult wasps, and precocious larvae, which move about in the host haemocoel but die before pupation.