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Derived from the verb to hallucinate with suffix -naut (voyager, traveller).


hallucinaut (plural hallucinauts)

  1. A person who is hallucinating.
    • 1849. Journal of Psychological Medicine and Mental Pathology, Page 548 [1]:
      Ravaillac, who assassinated Henri IV., imagined that he smelt fire and brimstone exhaling from his feet; he beheld figures dancing before him, ...and one day he fancied that he saw a death's head upon a statue, all which with many other hallucinations induced him to believe that his victim had been sentenced to be damned, and that it was necessary that he should perish by his hand. The details of the cruel execution of this hallucinaut need not here be recapitulated.
    • 1999, Penny Brawley, Fractal Daydreams[2]:
      Hallucinaut Psychedelic Hallucinogenic Artwork By Patrick Gosch. Drawings, Fluorescent Blacklight Paintings And Other Psilocybin Mushroom DMT LSD Acid Inspired Art.