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hamburger +‎ -ology


hamburgerology (uncountable)

  1. A course of study introduced by McDonald's to train people to work in its fast food restaurants.
    • 1977, Mother Jones Magazine (volume 2, number 10, December 1977)
      McDonald's Hamburger University was granting huge numbers of degrees in Hamburgerology, and the company was miles ahead of its next major competitor []
    • 1985, Stan Luxenberg, Roadside empires: how the chains franchised America
      More than twenty thousand participants have earned the bachelor of hamburgerology degree, with its golden arches appearing at the bottom of the certificate.
    • 1999, Marshall William Fishwick, Popular culture: cavespace to cyberspace
      Life magazine and the CBS Evening News took note. So did academics, appalled at the idea of a degree in Hamburgerology. But Kroc's university flourished, moving into a $40 million facility []
    • 2006, Justin Malbon, Understanding the global TV format
      However, while passing tips on about making a TV programme may have something in common with hamburgerology, finally these are quite dissimilar businesses.