haram police

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haram police (uncountable)

  1. (rare) Hardline or judgemental Muslim(s) who frequently and bossily point out sins.
    • 2008, Kate Zebiri, British Muslim Converts, page 126:
      Consequendy, litde cultivation of artistic talent has been developed, and it almost seems that only mediocrity is accepted as squeaking past the harsh gaze of the halal/haram police
    • 2013, Robert Hefner, Religions in Movement, page 223:
      During one MJD presentation to explain her point, Somaya refers to the film clip 'the Haram police' on 'Ummah Films', suggesting that the others 'check out' this funny—and even attractive—guy called 'Baba Ali'.
    • 2014, Alia Bano, Shades, page 8:
      He was the haram police