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harth ‎(plural harths)

  1. obsolete spelling of hearth
    • 1616, Alexander Roberts, A Treatise of Witchcraft[1]:
      To make a cake with flower from the Bakers, & to mix the same instead of other liquor, with her own water, and bake it on the harth, wherof the one halfe was to be applyed and laid to the region of the heart, the other halfe to the back directly opposit; & further, gaue a box of ointment like triacle, which must be spread vpon that cake, and a powder to be cast vpon the same, and certaine words written in a paper, to be layd on the likewise with the other, adding this caueat, that if his daughter did not amend within six houres after the taking of these receits, then there was no health or recouery to be looked for: & further, wished silence to be kept herein, for the woma who had done this, would know any thing.
    • 1764, Elizabeth Moxon, English Housewifery Exemplified[2]:
      To make a SACK POSSET. Take a quart of cream, boil it with two or three blades of mace, and grate in a long bisket; take eight eggs, leave out half the whites, beat them very well, and a pint of gooseberry wine, make it hot, so mix it well with your eggs, set it over a slow fire, and stir it about whilst it be as thick as custard; set a dish that is deep over a stove, put in your sack and eggs, when your cream is boiling hot, put it to your sack by degrees, and stir it all the time it stands over your stove, whilst it be thoroughly hot, but don't let it boil; you must make it about half an hour before you want it; set it upon a hot harth, and then it will be as thick as custard; make a little froth of cream, to lay over the posset; when you dish it up sweeten it to your taste; you may make it without bisket if you please, and don't lay on your froth till you serve it up. 262.
  2. Misspelling of hearth.