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Blend of hasbara +‎ rat


hasbarat (plural hasbarats)

  1. (slang, derogatory) A hasbarist.
    • 2009 Don Bailey, re: zionist trolls who infect the internet, talk.politics.mideast, Usenet:
      If you’ve come across a hasbarat, on-line or otherwise, you have learned that no amount of reasoned argument or intellectual maturity has any effect. That’s because hasbarats don’t care if they come across as ignorant, obnoxious, nasty or inane. All that matters for them is sabotaging criticism of Israel and support for Muslims
    • 2012 Bill, Re: Last charge of the Churchill brigade, sci.military.naval, Usenet:
      and anti-Jewish-Israels are always painted as anti-Semites...how convenient. Lie. Bernie Schwarz, still being a hasbarat disseminator for Shitrael?
    • 2011, eunometic, Re: Some idiot faking Eunometic please read below on "false flag racism", alt.politics, Usenet:
      In Israel groups called 'hasbarat' are even organised to manipulate Wikipedia, bulletin boards and create false flag racism.