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hassu (comparative hassumpi, superlative hassuin)

  1. funny
    Minulle sattui tänään hassu juttu.
    A funny thing happened to me today.
  2. silly (playful)
  3. weird (strange)


Inflection of hassu (Kotus type 1/valo, no gradation)
nominative hassu hassut
genitive hassun hassujen
partitive hassua hassuja
illative hassuun hassuihin
singular plural
nominative hassu hassut
accusative nom. hassu hassut
gen. hassun
genitive hassun hassujen
partitive hassua hassuja
inessive hassussa hassuissa
elative hassusta hassuista
illative hassuun hassuihin
adessive hassulla hassuilla
ablative hassulta hassuilta
allative hassulle hassuille
essive hassuna hassuina
translative hassuksi hassuiksi
instructive hassuin
abessive hassutta hassuitta
comitative hassuine

Usage notes[edit]

Hassu is mainly a positive word. If someone is silly in a negative way, the Finnish equivalent is typerä.

Idiomatically used in the phrase ei hassumpaa as a mildly positive reply to the question mitä kuuluu? and similar to ok, doing fine, not too bad, nothing special

Derived terms[edit]