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hatchek (plural hatcheks)

  1. Rare spelling of háček.
    • 1988, Jost Wiedmann and Jürgen Kullmann [eds.], Cephalopods Present and Past: O.H. Schindewolf Symposium, Tübingen 1985, page 20
      The Bathmoceratidae are largely straight shells of Whiterock age, first known from the Šarka (pronounced Sharka from a hatchek over the Š).
    • 1991, Peter Hugh Reed, American Record Guide LIV:ii, page 69
      The printer had no hatchek…to put over Dvořak’s R. So somebody laboriously inked in all the hatcheks.
    • 2001, Felix K. Ameka, “Ideophones and the nature of the adjective word class in Ewe” in Typological Studies in Language XLIV: Ideophones, eds. Friedrich Karl Erhard Voeltz and Christa Kilian-Hatz, page 46, endnote 2
      The hatchek marks a rising tone.
    • For more examples of usage of this term, see Citations:hatchek.