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Alternative forms[edit]


Blend of hate(r) +‎ Gatorade (a brand of sports drink).


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haterade (uncountable)

  1. (slang) Hatred, as a metaphorical beverage.
    • 2002 March, H., Juanika, “Mail (letters)”, in Vibe, ISSN 1070-4701, page 59:
      All the haters who call him a fake Tupac/DMX need to stop drinking that Haterade.
    • 2007 November 26, “Shinin'”, in The Boondocks, season 2, episode 22:
      Thugnificent (Carl Jones): I know y'all love my music, and love my videos, and shit. But be fully prepared to drink hella haterade, nigga. Cause y'all 'bout to see how good it is to be me, and how bad it is to be you!
    • 2009 February 10, Hafiz, Dilara; Yasmine Hafiz, Imran Hafiz, The American Muslim Teenager's Handbook, New York: Athenium, →ISBN, OL 25075608M:
      You can try telling the hate mongers, “Stop guzzling down the Haterade,” but the best approach is to make the most of your own life by proving them wrong.
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