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From haulm +‎ -y.



haulmy (comparative more haulmy, superlative most haulmy)

  1. Characterised by having haulms.
    • 1732, J Lockman, translating Voltaire, Henriade:
      Safe in their haulmy Huts they sweetly slept, / Ne'er by the Noise of Drums or Trumpets wak'd.
    • 1789, James Adam, Practical Essays on Agriculture:
      In dry hungry ground, the poles may stand nearer together, than in a rich mellow foil ; because, this last will produce the largest, and most haulmy plants.
    • 1914, Journal of the Board of Agriculture, vol. XX.12:
      Weeds are also very prevalent on dry upland grasslands, where such hay as is produced is necessarily thin and haulmy.