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haze +‎ -ee


hazee (plural hazees)

  1. One who undergoes hazing.
    • 1900, The Independent (volume 52, issue 2)
      In the testimony of the hazee appears the following: "That he had no objection to do what he did; that it was not forced upon him; they did not tell him to do anything; they asked him if he could and he said 'yes' []
    • 2006, Jeremy Schaap, Cinderella Man, page 154:
      Baer's antics — which included the time-honored hazing ritual known as the hotfoot, in which the hazee's shoe is discreetly set on fire — masked his real intent: to develop a strategy to defeat Carnera.
    • 2010, William F. Fry, Sweet Madness: A Study of Humor, page 166:
      Frequently, it all ends with the hazee feeling out of sorts—discouraged, frightened, angry, disgruntled.