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head +‎ desk




  1. Used to express frustration or irritated disbelief, from the tendency of annoyed or irritated people to want to repeatedly bang their heads against their desk.
    • 2008, Shelley Adina, The Fruit of My Lipstick, FaithWords (2008), ISBN 9780446538008, unnumbered page:
      Headdesk. Gillian, Gillian. You don't need another chemistry class; you need to go to charm school.
    • 2008, Susie Day, serafina67 *urgently requires life*, Scholastic (2008), ISBN 9780545073523, page 154:
      Apparently the reason I am weirded out by the idea of Mum getting porny with Invisible Ray Who May Not Even Exist is because I am afraid this means I am being replaced. Er, dude, I am her daughter? And he is (possibly, depending on invisibility/existingness) her bloke? Not. The. Same. *headdesk*
    • 2010, Susane Colasanti, Something Like Fate, Viking (2010), ISBN 9781101223000, unnumbered page:
      berrygirl: *headdesk* um, i don't know, maybe because we have absolutely nothing in common? at ALL?



headdesk ‎(third-person singular simple present headdesks, present participle headdesking, simple past and past participle headdesked)

  1. (slang) To bang one's head against the desk in frustration; by extension, to express annoyance or exasperation.
    • 2011, Jolanta Benal, The Dog Trainer's Complete Guide to a Happy, Well-Behaved Pet, St. Martin's Griffin (2011), ISBN 9781429985154, page 145:
      In no time at all you'll be headdesking just like a dog trainer, wailing at people's misinterpretations of their dogs.
    • 2014, Leigh Butler, Re-Reading Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time, Tor (2014), ISBN 9781466840652, unnumbered page:
      The only reason I am not actually headdesking at him right now is because I have apparently devoted a disproportionate amount of migraine space to him already, and I wouldn't want to have my indignation at fictional characters distributed unfairly, quelle horreur!
    • 2015, Leah Raeder, Cam Girl, Atria (2015), ISBN 9781501115004, unnumbered page:
      She made them tell her everything, then had Ellis re-explain in layman's terms while I sat there mentally headdesking.