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head +‎ fit


headfit (plural headfits)

  1. (British slang, West Country, Bristol) A sudden fit of temper; a tantrum.
    • 2011 April 11, TinyChickenLady, “Judge Willaim Adams”, in BackYard Chickens Forums[1]:
      I also won't discipline when a child is busy throwing a headfit because anything I say or do will be ignored.
    • 2013 April 26, kerilli, “Anybody know anything about the development of the body protector pre year 2000?”, in Horse and Hound Forums[2]:
      I started eventing in 1988 and they definitely were not compulsory then. I remember because after I'd been xc a family friend realised I didn't have a 'back protector' on, had a headfit, and frogmarched me to the tradestands at Brigstock to force me to buy one.