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health +‎ care



healthcare (usually uncountable, plural healthcares)

  1. Alternative spelling of health care
    • 1985, William J. Winston, “Mission and Future Applications of the Proceedings”, in Professional Practice in Health Care Marketing: Proceedings of the American College of Healthcare Marketing:
      There are many groups trying to claim healthcare marketing as part of their activity.
    • 1990, Scott Alan Stewart, Videodiscs in Healthcare: A Guide to the Industry:
      All in all, a terrific burden is being placed on employers, especially in healthcare, as legislation regulating safety in the workplace proliferates, and it appears that OSHA is beginning to take training and other violations seriously as well.
    • 2011, Bruce S. Jansson, Improving Healthcare through Advocacy[1], John Wiley & Sons, →ISBN, page 3:
      Healthcare patients or consumers often need help in addressing these seven problems.