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From Middle English hersumnesse, from Old English hīersumnes (obedience, submission, service, humility), equivalent to hearsome +‎ -ness.


hearsomeness (uncountable)

  1. (nonce word) Obedience; submission to authority.
    • 1939, James Joyce, Finnegans Wake:
      Thus the hearsomeness of the burger felicitates the whole of the polis.
    • 1993, John Bishop, Joyce's Book of the Dark:
      [] his awakened "hearsomeness" causing him to misconstrue the sound, along Aristotelean lines, as the sound of thunder.
    • 1996, Christine Froula, Modernism's body:
      The cultural "bonum" that arrives by her Grace, issuing from the "malo" (apple/evil) of this "foenix culprit," consists in her streaming urine/words, which the Jarl's felicitous "hearsomeness" — his passion to keep her within his hearing and heir-ing []

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