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  1. present participle of heave


heaving ‎(comparative more heaving, superlative most heaving)

  1. (informal) Crowded with people.
    • 2006, Tim Downie, "Ride Report: Bealach-na-Ba", uk.rec.cycling [1]
      Kinlochewe was heaving with cyclists and their vehicles on Saturday morning but somehow, the organisers had found space for everyone and the main roads were kept clear.
    • 2006, "Krusty", "Krusty's Holiday", uk.rec.motorcycles, [2]
      The pool was heaving with screaming kids. By contrast the beach was virtually deserted, apart from the one day a cruise ship docked & a group of about 10 people appeared.
    • 2007, "Jamie", "Hyde Park Calling 2007", "classic rock magazine readers", [3]
      At this time it was pissing down and by the time Joe Satriani cam on the tent was heaving with people just coming in to keep dry.


heaving ‎(plural heavings)

  1. An occasion on which something heaves or is heaved.
    • 1884, Edgar Allan Poe, The Raven[4]:
      No swellings tell that winds may be Upon some far-off happier sea-- No heavings hint that winds have been On seas less hideously serene."
    • 1893, Thomas De Quincey, The Posthumous Works of Thomas De Quincey, Vol. II (2 vols)[5]:
      His throne rocked with subterraneous heavings.
    • 1895, Owen Wister, The Dragon of Wantley[6]:
      Then he set the jug down wrong side up, and remained glaring at it fixedly, while his chest rose and fell in deep heavings.