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hee haw (plural hee haws)

  1. Alternative spelling of hee-haw
  2. (countable) A braying laugh.
    • 1992, Dana Stabenow, A Cold Day for Murder, →ISBN, page 64:
      He had sharp brown eyes that he made look merry when it suited him, and a subborn chin he hid behind a hearty, good ol' boy hee haw that disarmed those who didn't know him well, but put the few who did on full alert.
    • 2008, Afton Greenwood, Grave Notes on Aurelia, →ISBN, page 6:
      He answered, blooming out with a clownish grin that usually brought big hee-haws, “Sixteen. Short for my age.”
    • 2009, Wave Joann Stevens, Mystery, Adventure & Nonsense: True Stories of Make-Believe, →ISBN:
      The little gurgling sounds became great big hee haws of hysteria.


hee haw

  1. Alternative spelling of hee-haw


hee haw (third-person singular simple present hee haws, present participle hee hawing, simple past and past participle hee hawed)

  1. Alternative spelling of hee-haw
    • 2011, Joy Elaine McMillan, Storms Never Last: Memoirs of a Playboy Bunny, →ISBN, page 53:
      In fact, I was actually hee hawing!
    • 2013, Charles Jason Byrley, Rendering Silence, →ISBN, page 33:
      Burro hee hawed and hee hawed until she was red in the face.