hell for leather

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hell for leather (not comparable)

  1. Less common form of hell-for-leather
    • 1963, Frederick Barnardo, An Active Life, Bodley Head, page 194,
      A few minutes later I was driving hell for leather to Parel, some six miles out of Bombay, where Colonel Liston was in charge of the government laboratory.
    • 1988, Emma Lange, The Cost of Honor, ISBN 0451151887, page 96:
      It was one of the pleasures of the country to be able to ride hell for leather in the early morning... .
    • 2004, Jennifer Marshall, The Christie Legacy, Trafford Publishing, ISBN 1412014476, page 290,
      When Alfie had breathlessly told him that Sarah had gone into labour and was on her way to hospital, he'd dropped the lead rein and headed back hell for leather.