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he +‎ or +‎ she


heorshe (third person, singular, plural they)

  1. (neologism, Internet) Alternative form of he or she: singular of they, used as a gender-neutral reference to the third person singular.
    • 1994 May 4, "Mary Flanagan" (username), "Savannah College of Art and Design", in alt.artcom, Usenet:
      I heard ghastly rumors about some faculty actually destroying a student's video because heorshe didn't feel it was art. . . even if a rumor it sounds like a pretty terrible environment for expression.
    • 1996 September 16, "Jon LeBlanc" (username), "Argonut's special game report. (Argos/Sask)", in rec.sport.football.canadian, Usenet:
      Why doesn’t Argonut come out of the closet (where heorshe is having an affair with hisorher Filter Queen) and identify himorherself? It would be more fun to persecute himorher if we actually knew who heorshe is. ;-)
    • 1998 May 20, "CML" (username), "Mages playing out of Paradigm", rec.games.frp.storyteller, Usenet:
      Perhaps heorshe started out by investigating the scientific validity of all those house remedies and more esoteric healing methods which fall into the stereotypical Verbena paradigm.