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From hepta- +‎ -gram.


heptagram (plural heptagrams)

  1. Either of two regular seven-pointed stars, drawn with the construction lines retained; a heptangle.
    • 1890, Mary Everest Boole, Logic Taught by Love, Alfred Mudge & Son:
      page 15: The exercise may be varied by tracing the Heptagram, i. e., passing from one point to another of a regular Heptagon in this order — 1, 4, 7, 3, 6, 2, 5, 1.
      page 81: If the hand is stiff, it may be loosened and trained into tune with Nature's formative processes by the practice of drawing the Pentagram and Heptagram.
    • 1995, Carl G. Liungman, Thought Signs: The Semiotics of Symbols: Western Idiograms, IOS Press, →ISBN, page 347:
      It was with the adoption and widespread use of the seven-day week throughout the Hellenistic world of mixed cultures that this heptagram [the weekday heptagram] was created.
    • 2009, John Barnes, Gems of Geometry, Springer, →ISBN, page 27:
      Note that there are two different heptagrams, one goes around twice and the other thrice; moreover, the configuration at the core of the 3-heptagram is in fact a 2-heptagram and the figure at the core of that is an ordinary heptagon.
  2. (rare) A heptagon.

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