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hill +‎ climb


hillclimb (plural hillclimbs)

  1. An instance of climbing (ascending) a hill in a car, especilly competitively.
    • 1971, Anthony Harding, Car facts and feats (→ISBN):
      The first speed hillclimb in the Isle of Man was held at Port Vuillen on 11th May 1904 as part of the eliminating trials for that year's Gordon Bennett Cup Race.
    • 1989, Car and Driver:
      The Cadillacs took first and second in acceleration, cornering, the slalom, and the hillclimb.
    • 2012, Gary LaPlante, How to Ride Off-Road Motorcycles (→ISBN), page 70:
      As with any hillclimb, take a good look at the hill ahead of time and choose what you feel is the easiest, smoothest line. Begin your climb by being back far enough from the base to get the most possible speed that you can safely hit at the start ...
    • 2013, Robert Dick, Auto Racing Comes of Age (→ISBN), page 215:
      On 5 October 1919, Antonio Ascari drove his 4.5-liter S57 to victory in the 50.9-km hillclimb between Parma and Poggio di Berceto in 38 min 11 sec, averaging 83.2 km/h.