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hipster +‎ -tard


hiptard (plural hiptards)

  1. (slang, derogatory) A pretentious or foolish hipster.
    • 2008, Allison Williams, "Atlantic Ave, Boerum Hill, Brooklyn", Time Out New York, 9 April 2008:
      Brooklyn’s biggest export is no longer hiptards—it’s babies.
    • 2010, Jonathan Kauffman, "Bros Icing Bros: Our Food Critic Taste-Tests Smirnoff Ice Flavors", SF Weekly, 27 May 2010:
      Bro-on-bro icing is the meme du jour. What started out as a fratboy prank in South Carolina has been picked up by Wall Street traders, A-list bloggers, San Francisco hiptards, and Fortune magazine, all within the space of two weeks.
    • 2011, Heather Seidler, "The Pains of Being Pure at Heart", Ladygunn, Summer 2011, page 35:
      As they dig themselves out of a subculture full of trendies and hiptards, Pains have no aspirations to become the next indulgent Strokes-like indie sensation to come out of New York with panache.