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From Proto-Finnic *hirmu. Cognate with Finnish hirmu, Votic irmu, Ingrian hirmu, Karelian hirmu and Livonian irm.


  • IPA(key): /ˈhirm/
  • Hyphenation: hirm


hirm (genitive hirmu, partitive hirmu)

  1. fear, fright; terror; horror; anxiety; dread
    1. A state of agitation caused by a distinctively perceptible danger (with genitive case + ees; elative case; genitive case + pärast; partitive case + verb).
      Naine tundis kohutavat hirmu vananemise ees.
      The woman was terribly afraid of ageing.
      (literally, “The woman felt terrible fear in front of ageing.”)
      Hirm töökohta kaotada on suur.
      The fear of losing my job is big.
    2. A frightening creature or thing.
      See koer on meie tänava hirm.
      Everyone on our street is terrified of that dog.
      (literally, “That dog is the fear of our street.”)
      1. Tyranny, reign of terror.
        Pätikamp hoidis tervet küla hirmu all.
        The gang of thugs was holding the whole village under their tyranny.



Derived terms[edit]