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histo- +‎ architecture


histoarchitecture (countable and uncountable, plural histoarchitectures)

  1. (biology) The (architectural) structure of biological tissue.
    • 2015 June 30, Laura Taguchi et al., “A flavanone from Baccharis retusa (Asteraceae) prevents elastase-induced emphysema in mice by regulating NF-κB, oxidative stress and metalloproteinases”, in Respiratory Research[1], volume 16, →DOI:
      After collecting the BALF, the lungs were removed in blocks, fixed using 4 % buffered formalin infused through the trachea at a constant pressure of 20 cm H 2 O for 24 h (to maintain a similar alveolar histoarchitecture among the groups), and embedded in paraffin.

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