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  1. simple past tense and past participle of hole


holed (comparative more holed, superlative most holed)

  1. Having one or more holes.
    • 1971, Donald Cowie, Switzerland: the land and the people, A. S. Barnes, page 87:
      Gruyère is an ancient castle and its attendant farms and houses of artisans on a conical hill amid a plain of lush pastures that still enrich the local, holed cheese.
    • 1983, Scott Cunningham, Earth Power: Techniques of Natural Magic, Llewellyn Worldwide, page 135:
      Take a holed stone, find a stick that fits tightly through the hole, and lodge it firmly inside.
    • 2006, Jackie Guerra, Kyle Crowner, Dazzling Beaded Jewelry, Sterling, page 99:
      If you’re using a holed button, string beads from one hole to another before adding the back.