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homo- +‎ flexible


homoflexible (not comparable)

  1. Primarily homosexual, but with a limited amount of attraction to the opposite sex, or willingness to take part in a heterosexual activity.
    • 2012, Jed La Lumiere, Patience: A Gay Man's Virtue, FriesenPress (2012), ↑ISBN, page 80:
      I have many gay friends whom are homoflexible and many of them have had adventures with members of the opposite sex solely because they wanted kids.
    • 2012, Aaron Overfield, Veil, ↑ISBN, unnumbered page:
      Hunter was a man who was bi-curious about women, rather than a man who was bi-curious about other men. Hunter was homoflexible.
    • 2014, Joe Kort, Is My Husband Gay, Straight, or Bi?: A Guide for Women Concerned about Their Men, Rowman & Littlefield (2014), ↑ISBN, page 187:
      In my experience, some heteroflexible men do not test bisexual. (I should note that I have also met a few homoflexible men.)
    • For more examples of usage of this term, see Citations:homoflexible.


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