hood rich

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hood rich (comparative more hood rich, superlative most hood rich)

  1. (slang) Exhibiting flamboyant spending habits, while doing nothing to improve one’s living conditions.
    • 2005, Malcolm D Carter, $7 an Hour Ain't No Job: The Second Emancipation of the Black Race, Sundog, Limited, →ISBN, page 43,
      Finally, we must change the “Hood Rich” mentality. The rap group Cash Money described this mentality perfectly when they sung about not being able to pay rent or bills but driving in a new E-class Mercedes...
    • 2005, anonymous, in Kiki Swinson, I'm Still Wifey, Melodrama Publishing, 0-9717021-5-2, front cover,
      In the mix of all the drama, Kira unintentionally falls for a new hood rich cat who has it all. Money, good looks, and a girl back home in Jersey!

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